Feelings that starts from flickering of eyes, then travels to the tunnel of neural network. Rushing of blood in my heart and a deep slow awareness that last for a moment and then seems to vanish again and again. Hypnotize me in the hope of desire. Shivering my legs and hands. Skin is being numb. A fear of unknown future phobia appears in psyche, a disorder in strength heightens to the glory, body is diluting in dust. Each breath is the pure bliss of my life. Difference disappears between me and ether.

ooh hum
The thing that can only be felt but not be able to expressed, smoke of magic marijuana, magic that blend with the beauty of blood and spirit.

then again some miracle of nature……..

Flashing floodlights piercing through the green leaf of neem tree when I walk through the road, I used to visit my room, as usual as everyday. The star of moonless night shining at their full potential. The warm wind mixed with cold feelings gently passes through eyelash and my forehead. The small and barren mountain behind the Home building looks like a man in deep contemplation on sadder face of life. The orphan plants that grows on the foot of mountain struggling for their existence as Charles Darwin describe when he was alive. Everything seems to happen from eternal point of time, the absolute eternity
Flashback and again flashback ooooohhhhh I loose the contact and I am in my own artificial and ugly world.
I will again I think I move to cosmic world of absolute existence……….

The pure Consciousness.



Hope is a dangerous thing.

Hope can drive a man Insane.

Its got no use on the inside.

A dialogue from movie The Shawshank Redemption

Yes, It is the truth. Hope, Hope for money and mansion, hope for gold, hope better wife & husband, hope for happiness, hope for freedom, hope for power &rule. The hope is never ending desire of a man.

The hope of rich to become richer made majority of population poor and more poor. All the hunger and deprivation arises only due to holding of money by few people in the hope of becoming millionaire & billionaire.

Research shows that; It is hope of getting more marks and high percentage in examination that results student into depression and suicide. oh…. how hope is ruining the life of children boys and girls.

Hope is the root cause of never ending bloody struggle between men’s and nation. In the hope of acquiring more wealth & more land, a nation strikes another, a man becomes psychic.

You can see the insanity for hope in religion. In the hope of dominating one religion over other Millions of brutal murders & rape was offered to god  and it is still in continuation.

IT is the hope of Hitler to rule the world that initiated the second world war and the result is in front of your eye.

The stronger hope to rule & the weaker hope for freedom. This is the delusive law of nature and the struggle between them never ends. It is only due to hope.

The hope can make you passionate about anything. Only for the sake of hope you do the thing beyond your limit & you suffer beyond your pain.

It is a state of psychopathic mind, a destructive & violent corner of mind which has greater power over human behavior, strength & body. This is hope.

IT is all depend on us to live with hope or to live without hope.

Smoke of Love

Smoke and toxic are his thought on love.

His infectious idiocy is irritable to the so called good people of his college. The good who only watches the man who is drowning.

He roams without a straw of worry here and there, day & night. He is great in his fantasy.

But one day, when he woke up late in the morning when the sun angers in red hot, something different, something unusual seems to be happening. An intuition is trying to tell him something strange in love.

He took some ash in his heart and then with a fervent mood walks towards the age old lecture hall. Hall where a man is manufactured to machine, education that tries to convert humans into well organized living carbonic robot and the result is day by day increasing and i am confident that it would achieve 100% efficiency.

But on that way, the road with living beauty which speaks in trees, plants, flowers, birds, fragrance, stones, wind, dream. Yes a dream, a dream strikes his mind he is watching a lovely young angel sweet as sugar wearing a pink dress, her hair like smooth strip of silk, and her eyes beholds divinity, her honey lips which is perfect curve of mathematics whispering in his ear. He tries to hear that sound of string, close and more closely……. But wait a minute……….oh no ….this is not a dream and she is not whispering to me she is girl and she is chattering with her friends and then

Love is a disease which can infect anyone.

His heartbeat becomes unending symphony of love.

Some say it is his lust and some it is his foolness. But any way

His aspiration for angel is puff of marijuana, the deeper in your heart; the deeper is its dance.

He tries to come closer to Angel, he talks to her, and he watches her in serenity. The heart glows like red rose just thinking about her. May be Angel don’t know anything about the ache of his heartbeat and he can’t express the divinity in words.

The days are gone and suddenly one day she is gone somewhere.

His wish to, never forget me seems to be never come true.

At last

His love is the greatest fantasy of his thought.



When I glance my life from the concrete corner of my thought, It seems mirage of mind is smoke of marijuana that dilute the reality with delusion and the real demon is demarcation of mind and reality.Image

When the mind is filled with smoke, and the heart with ash.
When the blood is replaced by alcohol, and muscle with drugs.
When the bondage are absent, and relationships are delusion.
When the mind becomes void, and thought becomes trance.
Then you become Absolute and Eternal.

You are fit for Salvation

Just Watch


watch not for thinkin

watch because for watching only

watch the thing around you

the movement around you

the sound, falling of leaves

barking of dogs

noise of vehicles

crying of a child,

wings of bird,

clouds, stars , moon, rising of sun,

falling of light,

falling of water drops,

your body movement

but, but and but do not think

watch yours feeling

only watch

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